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what i look,,??

2009-11-15 08:31:11 by gaurdian123

well i look like this ...(thats me a the bottom of the pile ) any questions bout this just ask

what i look,,??

my idols

2009-11-15 08:24:15 by gaurdian123

well my idols on newgrounds are kirbopher, rina chan, and the other parody rangers crew and i wish i could be a voice in it but seeing that im over here in britain all the characters have voices and i dont have a mic i only have webcam :( anyway any more questions just ask ok thnks

who i am

2009-10-12 05:58:12 by gaurdian123

well i am a typical english thirteen year old who loves to draw and to admire peoples work... a bit like simon cowl just im not a big twat( pardon my english) well i love my country and i love its people some more than others....welll what do i like ummmmmmmmm well ill tell that later any questions just put it here as a comment and ill anwser

who i am